Rules & Standards:

  1. The Garden of Ireland Vintage Car Club is a non profit organisation and is open to all car enthusiasts subject to the prospective member being nominated and seconded for acceptance into the club by two existing members of at least one year.
  2. Club events and social gatherings shall be selected and scheduled by the committee and any suggestions for these outings are very welcome from club members. All club members and their guests are expected to act in an appropriate manner at all times when representing The Garden of Ireland Vintage Car Run.
  3. No member should use profound language, gestures, insults or behaviour towards any club member, any member found to be in breach of this rule will have their membership terminated without exception. Should a membership be terminated, the member must remove any association with The Garden of Ireland Club, i.e., stickers or name badges should be removed and the member should refrain from wearing club branded items of clothing.
  4. The Garden of Ireland Vintage Car Club reserves the right to refuse admission to any person who wishes to join the club without having to provide a reason for this refusal.


The Garden of Ireland Vintage Car Club Code of Conduct.

Like all clubs, The Garden of Ireland Vintage Car Club members must adhere to a code of conduct in order to keep a good standing image among the general public. Once a club has a reputation for having unruly members, it is impossible to rid itself of this. This drags the entire club and its members down and could eventually lead to the downfall of the club. These rules are not flexible and neither are the committee in implementing them so if you break them your membership will be terminated.


The Following are strictly prohibited:

  1. Abusing, physically or verbally, a fellow member or committee member, or, discrimination or belittling them.

Membership of the club is deemed to be an acceptance of the above rules and code of conduct.